B H Tambunan, M Syamsiro, H Saptoadi


The decreased world fossil energy reserve, in general, and specifically in Indonesia requires us to find alternative energy resources. Biomass was the primary source of energy for millons people in the wold, but when coal, oil and gas widely available, it use was declined. How ever in recent years interest in biomass utilization increase because of energy crisis and envioment problem. Utiluzation of biomass for substituting fossil fuel and reduce global CO emission problem. The objective of this research is to reduce CO emission from biomass burning. Biomass is one of alternative energies with great potential in Indonesia.  One of it is candlenuts shell (CNS) as the waste of  candlenuts fruit, with the production of 89,155 tons/year will produce 207,958 tons shell/year. Candlenuts shell  are made into pellets with particle size < 1 mm, and then burnt in combustin test instrument with variations of wall tempetature, air velocity, air temperature, raw material composition of biomass and biomass, briquettes dimension and charcoal’s composition. CO emission  is measured using Flue Gas Analyzer in clude RS232 that is connected to computer. The increase of air temperature and wall temperature can reduce CO emission because that can help copleting the combustion.  In terms of  charcoal  composition, minimum CO on 25% of biomass charcoal.


Keywords: Biomass, candlenuts shell, Pellet, Combustion, CO emission


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