Dede Ruslan


The purpose of this study to find out if the factors of production could give
contribution tu the production or income and the cost of rice production, the
economy efficiensy of rice production. It is hoped thet the result of this study could give information to farmers and local government in Deli Serdang about the contributions of the factors of production to the production or income and the cost of rice farm opration production. From the study, it is shown that the
characteristic of model of production, the using of the factors of production and
teh cost of production opportunity is increasing returns to scale or decreasing cost industries. The economy scale of rice production describes that the estimate cost of corn farm production. The analysis of economy efficiensy from the rice
production was taken form condition that the produtions marginal cost is lower
than the corn scale. From the contributions of field, seed, fertilizer and labor
toward the rice production, it can be explained that rice production can be raised
by increasing the field, seed, fertilizer, and labor usings.

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