Lailan Syafrina Dewi, Evi . Aisyah, Anni Holila Pulungan


This study deals with the Intertextuality of the Covid-19 memes on instagram. This study focuses on analysis of types of intertextuality, the discursive practice and the social practice realized in the covid-19 memes. This study conducted by using qualitative method by collecting some memes related to the covid-19 as the data. From this study, we can get the result that the memes which categorize as the quotation are three. The percentage is 60%. The two memes are categorized as convention and configuration and paralogues each one. So, the percentages of convention and configuration are 20% and paralogue, 20%. The total is 100% from the five memes analyzed. The discursive practice and the social practice realized in the memes.


Intertextuality, Memes, Covid-19, Instagram

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