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This study departs from the background of many mass media circulating
in the community, especially newspapers. With that news consumption
becomes the main reason people need newspapers. Readers expect news
obtained from newspapers absolutely factual and actual language use
objective. Formulation of the problem in this study were: (1) how the
objectivity of the language used in the local newspaper publications and
newspapers published by the center? (2) Is objectivity language
newspaper the central issue is different from the language of objectivity
on the issue of the local newspaper? (3) Which of these two is the more
objective issue from the standpoint of language use? This study aims to:
describe objectivity language publications in local newspapers and
publications centers. The method used in this research is descriptive
qualitative method, which applies a content analysis method by
analyzing the descriptive language of objectivity. The subjects were
editorial in the newspaper Kompas, Indonesia Seputar, Alert and
Analysis published in one week in November of 2012 edition. In this
study, the researcher is the main instrument is the planners,
implementers, data collectors, analysts, interpretation of data, and
reporting research results. Another instrument used in this study is a
table of data discovery functions for grouping data. The results showed a
high degree of subjectivity element contained in the local newspaper
publications (Alert and Analysis) then the central issue of the newspaper
(Kompas and Around Indonesia) with the amount of data acquired is
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Watchful 23 element of subjectivity, subjectivity analysis of 22
elements, 20 elements of subjectivity Compass and Around Indonesia 17
element of subjectivity. From the data analysis it can be concluded that
the newspaper published by the center is more objective than the local
Keyword: objectivity of the language, newspaper

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