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CESS: Journal of Computer Engineering, System and Science terakreditasi SINTA 4 melalui Surat Keputusan Direktorat Jenderal Pendidikan Tinggi, Riset dan Teknologi  Kementerian Pendidikan, Kebudayaan, Riset dan Teknologi Republik Indonesia   Nomor 105/E/KPT/2022, tanggal 07 April 2022 tentang  Peringkat Akreditasi Jurnal Ilmiah Periode I Tahun 2022.

Posted: 2022-04-15

Call for Paper Vol. 9 No. 2 July 2024


Journal of Computer Engineering, System and Science (CESS) invites you to participate in submitting scientific papers that will be published in Vol. 9 No. 2 July 2024. Writing format please download on the Journal Template menu. For paper submissions, please refer to the Submission Guidelines menu. Papers are received no later than June 30, 2024.

Editors have the authority to select and select appropriate manuscripts for publication. Editors also have the right to make necessary edits while still paying attention to the substance of the manuscript content.

Best regards,

Editor CESS 

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We, the managers of the Journal of CESS (Journal of Computer Engineering System and Science) would like to express our deepest gratitude to the authors, reviewers, editors and all parties related to the publication of Volume 9 Number 1 January 2024, which consists of 30 articles that have contributed a lot. help and thoughts so that this edition can be published. Hopefully your article can add knowledge to the readers.

Best regards,

Editor CESS


Posted: 2024-01-31