Journal History

Jurnal Kewarganegaraan was first published in June 2004 in a printed version. The journal regularly publishes 2 editions a year in June and December. Since first published until September 2020, Jurnal Kewarganegaraan has been 33 times.

Jurnal Kewarganegaraan was first published online starting on Volume 17, Number 1 (2020): September 2020 with online ISSN 2745-6919.. The online version of the Journal can be accessed through the Online Journal System (OJS) of Universitas Negeri Medan on the page. Based on various careful considerations, we have decided that the Citizenship Journal is published twice a year in March and September since the first edition of the online version was published in September 2020. Consistently, the Citizenship Journal publishes at least 5 articles in each issue. The number of articles published in this edition can increase following contemporary issues, interests and needs for the dissemination of science and technology.

However, along with the increasing interest and trust of scholars to publish their research results through the Jurnal Kewarganegaraan, Since edition Vol 20, No 1 (2023): March 2023, Jurnal Kewarganegaraan publishes at least 8 (eight) articles in each edition.

Although the online edition of the Jurnal Kewargaengaraan has begun to be published, we still publish the printed version of the Jurnal Kewargaengaraan, and it is no different than the online edition of the Jurnal Kewargaengaraan, which continues to publish scientific works in the form of articles on research results and scientific thoughts. Now, the Citizenship Journal has been indexed by various credible and reputable indexing institutions.