Perlindungan Tki Ke Luar Negeri Menurut Undang-Undang Nomor 39 Tahun 2004 Tentang Tki Di Luar Negeri

Vinni Dini Pratiwi Pratiwi


Indonesian labor is a term for low-skilled and unskilled Indonesian citizens who work abroad in employment relations for a certain period of time with wages. Legal protection for the rights of migrant workers has not gone well, the need for guidance on the meaning of labor law for Indonesia, this undermines labor migrants and eliminates job security for Indonesian workers while abroad, the obstacle in implementing Indonesian legal protection for labor is a mistake made by Indonesia namely Workers do not report problems to the Indonesian Government regarding the work of TKI. The purpose of this study is to find out more clearly and broadly about the protection of Indonesian workers who work abroad who are carried out by the terrace of the Ministry of Placement for the Protection of Indonesian Workers in North Sumatra Province. The method carried out in this study is descriptive qualitative methods related to data collection and identification. The research instruments were interviews, documentation, and literature reviews. The results of this study indicate that the Indonesian Labor Protection Placement Service has carried out its duties with the virtue of Law No. 39 of 2004 concerning the placement and protection of Indonesian workers abroad. In carrying out its duties there are obstacles faced in providing legal protection to the state labor force.


Keywords: Legal protection, Labor, BP3TKI North Sumatra Province



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