It is the journal's editorial policy not to tolerate plagiarism (including self-plagiarism). Manuscripts will be checked using the Plagiarism Checker X application and will be rejected if found. Journal editorials have set a maximum threshold of 20% similarity in manuscripts with published articles. The author is advised to ensure that the similarity value is not more than the maximum threshold. For writing abstracts in English, we used the Grammarly application to test the accuracy of writing and the similarity of the abstracts.


Submission of a manuscript implies that the submitted work has not been previously published (except as part of a thesis, report, or abstract). Manuscripts are not considered for publication elsewhere. Its publication has been approved by all co-authors. If and when a manuscript is accepted for publication, the author retains the copyright and retains the publishing rights without limitation. Authors or others are allowed to reproduce articles as long as it is not for commercial purposes. For new inventions, authors are advised to administer the patent before publication.

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