Call For Paper JH Vol. 14 No. 2 December 2023

Instructions for (Candidates) Author of Handayani PGSD Journal FIP UNIMED

  1. Articles written for journals include the Education Sector, which relates to learning, research results, and community service. The manuscript is typed with the Microsoft Word program, Times New Roman letter, measuring 12 pts, with a space of 1.15; printed on A4 paper with a maximum length of 15 pages, Margins: Top 3, left 4, bottom 3, right 3 and submitted in the form of a print-out of 1 copy along with the soft copy. Script submission can also be done as an e-mail attachment to the address:
  2. Articles written in Indonesian or English. The article systematics are: title, author's name, author's institution, email, abstract along with keywords, introduction, methods, discussion, conclusions, and reference list.
  3. The article title cannot be more than 15 words. The title is printed with an inverted pyramid-shaped capital letter and is located in the middle, with a font size of 12 pts.
  4. The name of the author of the article is included without an academic degree, accompanied by the institution of origin and email address, and placed under the title of the article. In the case of a manuscript written by a team, the editor only deals with the main author or writer whose name is listed first. The main author must include an e-mail (e-mail).
  5. Abstracts and keywords are written in Indonesian and English. Times New Roman letters, measuring 10 pts, with spaces 1. The length of each abstract is a maximum of 100 words, while the number of keywords is 3-5 words. Abstract contains brief goals, methods and discussion.

Journal Manager Handayani invites academics, students, lecturers, and researchers to contribute to send articles to email: to be published  for Volume 14 No. 2 Desember 2023. The article wait at least until November 2023.