Focus and Scope

The Handayani Journal aims to become a scientific platform that presents various aspects of education from various perspectives. This journal covers a variety of topics relevant to the development and improvement of the education system, policies, learning methods, as well as current issues in the world of education. The primary focus of this journal includes, but is not limited to, the following topics:

1. Innovation in Learning

Assessment of the latest approaches, methods and technologies in learning to increase the effectiveness of the educational process.

2. Education Policy

Analysis of education policies at the national, regional and local levels, as well as their impact on the education system and students.

3. Curriculum Development

Research on designing, implementing, and evaluating curricula according to the needs and challenges of today's education.

4. Educational Evaluation

Study of the assessment and evaluation of educational performance, both at the individual and institutional levels.

5. Inclusive Education

Articles discussing inclusive education to ensure learning opportunities for all individuals, including students with special needs.

6. Teacher Professional Development

Research and review of professional development programs to enhance teacher competence in teaching and supporting learners.

7. Character Education

Articles that discuss the role of education in shaping the character, morals and positive values of students.

8. Study of Educational Psychology

Study of psychological aspects in the context of education, such as learning motivation, emotional intelligence, and social support.

9. Technology in Education

Research on the use of information and communication technology in the learning process and educational administration.

10. Education and Community Development

An analysis of the contribution of education in community development and achieving sustainable development goals.

The Handayani Journal accepts original research articles, literature reviews, and conceptual contributions from academics, researchers, educational practitioners, and other related parties. All articles will go through a rigorous review process by relevant experts to ensure the quality and accuracy of scientific contributions. This journal is committed to presenting the latest, impactful, and relevant knowledge for the development of the world of education and contributing to the advancement of society at large.