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Indonesia Sport Journal (ISJ) is a journal managed by the Postgraduate Sports Science Study Program (IKOR) at the State University of Medan, this journal discusses science in the field of Sports, including Educational Sports, Achievement Sports, Recreational Sports, Sports with Special Needs, Fitness Sports, Healing Sports ( Rehabilitation), Sports Management. Indonesia Sport Journal (ISJ) is published twice a year, namely in June and December.

Indonesia Sport Journal (ISJ) merupakan jurnal yang dikelola oleh Prodi Ilmu Keolahragaan (IKOR) Pascasarjana Universitas Negeri Medan, Jurnal ini membahas ilmu dibidang Keolahragaan, meliputi: Olahraga Pendidikan, Olahraga Prestasi, Olahraga Rekreasi, Olahraga Berkebutuhan Khusus, Olahraga Kebugaran, Olahraga Penyembuhan (Rehabilitas), Manajemen Olahraga. Indonesia Sport Journal (ISJ) terbit 2 kali 1 tahun yaitu bulan Juni dan bulan Desember.

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Call for Paper

Call for Paper  
Posted: 2019-02-13
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Vol 6, No 2 (2023): Juli-Desember

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