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Kewarganegaraan: Journal of Civics and Citizenship Education Research and Study was published by the Jurusan Pendidikan Pancasila dan Kewarganegaraan (English: Departement of Pancasila and Civic Education) Universitas Negeri Medan. This journal focuses on the publication of scientific research and study related to civics (science of citizenship) and citizenship education. We are very interested in articles that cross the lines of scientific disciplines, various theoretical and methodological perspectives that aim at the development of civics and citizenship education.

Kewarganegaraan published twice a year, in Juni and December. Each article published passes the peer review process from designated experts. Each article published has gone through a peer-reviewed process from designated experts. They have experience in journal management and prestigious article publications. To ensure this, we employ a double-blind review. The article which published in Kewarganegaraan should meet the requirements set by the Editorial Board of the journal. The Editorial Board has the right to change the editorial and systematics of writing without changing the substance of the manuscript from the author.