Paradikma: Jurnal Pendidikan Matematika (PJPM) is open access, and a peer-reviewed journal is published two times a year (Juni, December). This journal aims to disseminate quality research results in the field of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Education. PJPM only offers electronic versions available in archive navigation to authors and other users. The journal also publishes critiques of relevant reports and books.

As is known, mathematics emphasises learning, but it is more important to build the character of those who study mathematics. Research in mathematics education deals with all aspects of mathematics education, including Pedagogical, Technological, Psychological in Mathematics Education. Papers should address central issues in terms that are relevant throughout the education system and be informed by broader thinking in the field. Meanwhile, applied mathematics shows the interaction between mathematics disciplines in the world of education.

PJPM was published in collaboration with the Mathematics Education Alumni Association and the Unimed Postgraduate Mathematics Education Study Program.

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Announcement: Publishing Volume 16 No.1 (January-June, 2023) onwards; Paradigma Jurnal only Accepts Articles in English. The Article Writing must Comply with Standard Academic Grammar.


Vol 16, No 1 (2023): PARADIKMA JURNAL PENDIDIKAN MATEMATIKA (January - June 2023)

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Yulia Zahara, Fitri Ayu Ningtiyas, Nurul Afni Sinaga, Rifaatul Mahmuzah, Hidayatsyah Hidayatsyah