Journal History

Handayani Journal abbreviated as JH, managed by Unimed FIP PGSD Study Program. Jurnal Handayani was first published in 2013. JH has a Print ISSN: 2355-1739 and ISSN Electronics: 2407-6295. JH contains writings from lecturers, education practitioners, and students. JH is published twice in the year of June and December in printed and electronic form by the PGSD Study Program, Faculty of Education, Medan State University. Display Design Pages (Website) or Cover Designs characterized by education with a green combination of black and pictorial schoolchildren. The cover provides information on print ISSN numbers and electronic ISSN, volume, number, time, address of editors, e-mail and journal pages. Page numbering is ordered in one volume. The best partner helps capture the script, provides notes, and corrects data as needed. The board qualifications of editors, reviewers and editors have held the title Professor and Doctor. Management of JH Issuance Management is used in online and online mail editing management management. Article Substance is Discipline. This provides an illustration that the publication of Handayani Journal is currently reforming and revitalizing journal governance as a forum for lecturers, education practitioners, and students to publish their scientific work. The e-mail address is: The website address is: Have a permanent page address for each article in the DOI (Digital Object Identifier). JH publishes electronic and printed writing based on OJS (Open Journal System) on the page:

Since the beginning of the publication of Handayani Journal until 2017, the journal manager was wrong in numbering journal publications. The manager makes 4 numbers in 2 volumes for one year (1 volume contains 2 published numbers). The manager begins to improve the numbering of publications in Volume 8 December 2017. So that on Volume 8 December 2017 there is only one number published. In 2018, the journal numbering has been fully repaired. In one year there is only one issue volume containing 2 numbers with the number of pages continuing.