ISSN: 2355-1739 (Cetak) | ISSN:  2407-6295 (Daring)

Handayani Journal contains articles relating to the fields of education, learning, research and community service. The journal abbreviated as Handayani JH, is managed by the Prodi PGSD FIP UNIMED. JH is published twice a year June and December in printed and electronic form by Prodi PGSD FIP UNIMED. The Journal of Handayani's agenda has become an important role for the Prodi PGSD FIP UNIMED, in encouraging harmonious educational innovation that can provide answers to various regional, national and global issues. JH is published as a forum to facilitate Lecturers, Teachers, Educational Practitioners, Researchers, and Students in publishing the results of learning, research and dedication to the community. In journal publishing, there is a review process carried out by the management, reviewer, and editor teams. JH was first published on December 27, 2013, still has a print ISSN, but has no electronic ISSN. Over time, JH continued to learn and keep abreast of technology, so that it already had electronics in 2014. Print ISSN: 2355-1739 (Kodebar 9772355173005) and electronic ISSN: 2407-6295 (Kodebar 9772407629009). Slowly in 2014, published online (electronic journals) based on Open Journal System (OJS), the website: http://jh.unimed.ac.id


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