Seni Rupa


Print ISSN p-ISSN: 1829-8230
Online ISSNe-ISSN: xxxx-xxxx
Publisher and ManagerFine Arts Department, Faculty of Language and Arts, Universitas Negeri Medan
Editor in ChiefDr. Agus Priyatno, M.Sn.
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This is an art category journal, which includes fine arts and design. This journal is managed by the Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Language and Arts, State University of Medan. The studies in this journal are about the results of research and final assignments or final works in the world of art and design in the fields of learning, assessment, analysis, and studies in other fields of art and design. This journal is published 6 monthly, where there are two periods in a year, namely in the January-June period and the July-December period.

ContactAdek Cerah Kurnia Azis, S.Pd., M.Pd.
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Jl. Willem Iskandar, Pasar V, Medan Estate, Medan City, North Sumatra Province, Postal Code 20221.
Phone/fax: (061) 661 3365 / +6285278021981.




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Vol 19, No 02 (2023): Seni Rupa

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Trisna Andriyanti, Adek Cerah Kurnia Azis
Johan Gabriel Simarmata, Adek Cerah Kurnia Azis, Apdanil Syukri
Elvira Rosiana, Eko Purnomo